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When your Pet Needs Help Urgently


During standard consulting hours: Call us directly on (02) 9953 1090 or head straight to the hospital.

After hours, the nearest 24/7 clinic is North Shore Vet Hospital which is 7 minutes drive from our surgery. They can be called anytime on (02) 9436 4884

Emergency Vet Clinic in Cremorne
Emergency Vetrinary Hospital in Cremorne
Even when you give your pet VIP care, an emergency can arise at an awkward hour or on holidays.
If your pet shows alarming symptoms or seems unusually listless, getting help fast can be important. When we are unable to help, we have backup from local vets who will gladly assist you and your pet at any time of the day or night.
If in doubt, call us on (02) 9953 1090 to get the advice you need.