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Keeping your indoor cat happy

Keeping your indoor cat happy

Keeping your cat entertained in your home can become a full-time job. That is why we have put together some tips to keep your indoor cat happy and engaged;

  • Create a high area for your cat to perch
    Getting up high is an important way to relieve stress in the feline world. It is therefore essential to have accessible and safe high up resting places.
  • Play with your cat
    Our cats are natural hunters and therefore like to engage in short bursts of playful energy. Toys are a great way to interact with our cats during this time. Talk to us to find out our toy recommendations.
  • Purchase safe self-play toys
    As much as we would love to spend 24/7 with our cat, we do often need to leave them alone. Self-play toys are an excellent way for your cat to keep themselves entertained while you are out.
  • Scratching posts
    Scratching posts are essential to a cat household. Not only does it protect your furniture from becoming a victim, but they can be extremely stimulating and satisfying for your cat.
  • Cat runs
    If your home allows for it, consider investing in a cat run. This will allow your cat to get fresh air while still staying safe from the outside world.

For more information and tips on how to keep your indoor cat entertained, contact us on (02) 9953 1090 or book online.

Easter hazards

Easter hazards

Easter can be an exciting time for both adults and children. While we prepare for Easter, it is essential to keep an eye on potential dangers for your furry friend.


Chocolate contains both caffeine and theobromine (a chemical compound found in the cacao plant) which can be fatal to our pets. It is important to keep chocolate out of reach this Easter. If you are hiding chocolate eggs, keep your pets in a safe location away from the hunt and keep a record of where you have hidden the eggs.

If you do suspect your pet may have eaten some chocolate, call us straight away as symptoms can take up to three hours to show.

Some symptoms to look out for include:

  • Vomiting,
  • Diarrhoea,
  • Increased urination,
  • Restlessness,
  • Hyperactivity,
  • Twitching,
  • And in severe cases, seizures.

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are another treat to keep out of range of our furry friends. Some hot cross buns contain chocolate which, can be fatal to our pets. They can also contain raisins. Raisins, grapes, sultanas and currants have been shown to cause acute kidney failure in dogs. The exact reason is still not identified; therefore, we cannot determine how much is toxic or which pets are going to be affected. Some pets can eat a few grapes with no ill effects, whereas others may become severely ill with the same amount.

It is always better to be on the safe side, if you do suspect your pet has eaten any, please call us straight away.

Initial signs can include:

  • Vomiting,
  • Or diarrhoea.

Noises and crowds

New visitors, noises and smells can sometimes cause anxiety for your pet. To help minimise your pet’s stress;

  • Create a calm, quiet spot for your pet away from the noise.
  • Exercise your pet before any guests arrive.


Small and cute Easter decorations could become choking hazards for your pet, or, if broken, can cause cuts to their mouths. Ensure all decorations are out of your pet’s reach or too big for them to fit in their mouths. If your pet has swallowed or eaten any decorations, please call our team.


Some flowers are toxic to our pets, if you are decorating with flowers or receive them as gifts, place them in a location your pet can’t get to. Some flowers and plants to look out for include:

If your pet has nibbled on any of your flowers, please take a photo of the flower and call our team.

For more Easter tips, please call (02) 9953 1090 or book an appointment online! We hope you enjoy a lovely long weekend.